Scientifically Backed Formulas

Brainbullets only uses ingredients with sufficient scientific evidence. Our formulas are made with care and scientific expertise.

High Quality Ingredients

Brainbullets only uses the most effective and bioavailable ingredients making sure you receive a premium quality nootropic.

Safe and Natural

All the ingredients in our formulas are natural and found to be safe by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit (NVWA).


Studying? Trading stocks? Athletic performance? Sharp has got your back! Ingredients in Sharp improve attention and alertness. Sharp will put you in the ultimate state to perform.

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Do you want to protect your brain? Core will do this for you! Ingredients in Core protect the brain from inflammation and oxidation. In addition, Core improves memory and contains essential brain vitamins.

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Do you want to improve your sleep? Snooze is there for you! Snooze will make you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. In addition, Snooze will make sure you wake up refreshed & energized. Snooze upgrades your sleep.

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In 2014 Jaap started studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. In the past year Jaap finished his minor Plant Biotechnology at the University of Wageningen. In Wageningen he worked together with prof. dr. Schranz at the biosystematics department to research the evolutionary relationship of enzymes present in cannabis and close related plant species. In 2018 Jaap will start with the Master Plant biotechnology in Wageningen. As a result of working long hours, both behind a desk and in the lab, Jaap recognizes the importance of nootropics as a tool to perform at the best of your capabilities.

Our vision

The human body is a complex machine consisting of countless mechanisms that can be optimized. Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive performance. Among nootropics, caffeine is the most widely known and it is used all over the world. We have learned that there are many more safe and natural substances which can contribute to an optimized cognitive performance. Each of our formulas is carefully composed in order to achieve a specific objective. All our products are backed by scientific research and only high-quality ingredients are used. We strive to help everybody achieve their personal goals.

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